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The valves designed and manufactured by the company are widely used in petrochemical, oil, metallurgy, metallurgy, thermal power, military, aerospace, engineering construction, scientific research and other fields. The production of various valves is sold all over the country and exported to Italy, Turkey, Australia, Pakistan and other countries and regions.


Outside Office Contact:

Henan Province, Hebei Province:

13393809868 Mr. Chen (Kaifeng)

Guangdong Province:

13822177052 Mr. Dai (Guangzhou)


18611965332 Mr. Li

Zhejiang Province:

13906502726 Mr. Tang (Hangzhou)

Jiangsu Province:

13506185859 Mr. Wang (Wuxi)

Shandong Province:

13361387216 Mr. Chen (Yantai)

Liaoning Province:

13898180088 Mr. Wang (Shenyang)

Guangxi Province:

13597221632 Mr. Zhang (Liuzhou)

Xinjiang Province:

13999824801 Mr. Chen (Urumqi)

Fujian Province:

13779953532 Mr. Xie (Xiamen)