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China's natural gas market space to see long

source:West Resources Network     views:67     datetime:2016-03-14

"China Energy Outlook 2030" to determine China's natural gas consumption at a relatively low level, the future development potential is huge.

March 2 Energy Research Association released the "China Energy Outlook 2030" to determine, China's natural gas consumption at a relatively low level, the future development potential is huge. Energy Research Association Executive vice president Zhou Dadi to judge, China's natural gas development promising, but in the price mechanism to continue to promote reform, to eliminate the current uncertainty facing.

On March 1, Xinao Group and Australia Origin announced that the two companies reached a five-year liquefied natural gas framework agreement, Origin Company in 2018 to the new Austrian Zhejiang Zhoushan liquefied natural gas (LNG) project delivery products, Agreed to extend the liquefied natural gas supply for five years.

This is the first private import natural gas project officially opened in 2015 due to the international oil prices and natural gas prices plummeted, the domestic oil central enterprises and other enterprises want to have their own share in the domestic natural gas market, the new Austrian Zhoushan LNG project is only The first start of the project.

Also on March 1, PetroChina announced that the joint venture with Chongqing Gas Group, the establishment of Chongqing Natural Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd., registered capital of 350 million yuan, of which China Petroleum invested 1.785 billion yuan, holding 51%; Chongqing Gas Group invested 1.715 billion yuan , Holding 49%. This is the first oil in the country with the local gas company joint venture established natural gas pipeline company.

 "The current international natural gas prices plummeted, coupled with the management of China's haze increased, so that China's natural gas market has a great room for growth, so the oil central enterprises and so hope in the domestic natural gas market has its own share." A Zhejiang Official said.