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Fifteenth anniversary of the factory reported!

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Steady flow of the upper reaches of the stream - remember the mechanical system 15 anniversary

When the spring season, Chuanli machinery ushered in her 15-year-old birthday, is the so-called "spring rain Mu Yu Manxia, Fang Park Phi Phi Yi River." After careful organization arrangements, general manager Zhou Weidong, Liu Runsheng's leadership Under the joint efforts of all staff, in 20 March 2017 successfully held the 15th anniversary celebration. The celebration consists of a meeting, an appreciation luncheon and a visit to the factory.

The first part of the meeting

Participants have the leadership of the company, Chuanli all the staff and the leadership of the Jianyang municipal government, the competent departments, some customers and suppliers representatives. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Dai Qiangguo, Manager of Sichuan Office. During the meeting, Mr. Zhou Weidong, General Manager of Sichuan Machinery, delivered an important speech. He reviewed the hardships of the development of the three branches to the present three branches, emphasizing the future of Sichuan in the future development is still "steady flow, and strive to upstream" spirit as a pillar, "not to find a reason for failure, only Success and find a way "for the way of doing things, and thanks to the perennial support of the leadership, customers and suppliers, but also expressed the staff of Sichuan to give Sichuan love, And into, to a better tomorrow.

The meeting also invited representatives of new employees, representatives of the old employees, representatives of the Sichuan Science and Technology Department and the quality of the chief engineer issued a speech, the new employee representatives as a corporate fresh blood to explain their career planning and development prospects with the Sichuan Staff representatives as the elderly on behalf of the people of the spirit of the spirit and the development process; the Ministry of Technology as the core business of its representatives to the guests introduced the latest products and now have R & D level, so that all the guests more meticulous understanding of the Sichuan The strength of the strength; quality assurance engineers for the presence of the guests and the company to clarify the whole staff of Sichuan Machinery for the strict control of product quality and quality control in the future development of the attitude.

In the meeting also invited the customer representative speech, on the Sichuan force machinery to give the most sincere blessing, but also exchange their management philosophy and industry development prospects, expressed a win-win cooperation between enterprises, create brilliant tomorrow's beautiful vision. At the end of the meeting, the leaders of the Jianyang Municipal Government delivered an important speech, combined with the current political situation, analyzed the current situation of Sichuan Machinery, and how to follow the current economic situation in the future Development gives the pertinent suggestions and guidance, the government leaders to Xi Jinping speech and the Third Plenary Session as the core, to encourage cadres and cadres and all the staff to take every step, do every day, high standards and strict requirements, to maintain a strong dedication Spirit, courage to practice, dare to innovate, for the more broad tomorrow and struggle.


The second part answers the luncheon

12 o'clock, accompanied by passionate music and gorgeous light show, fifteenth anniversary celebration luncheon officially began. The company has prepared a variety of performances throughout the course of the meal, including song and dance, Sichuan opera, magic, acrobatics, in various forms, rich in content.

The opening is a self-directed dance brought by the staff of Kawamoto, and the enthusiastic Kuriyama celebrates the company's 15th birthday with their graceful dancing, and greets guests with their warm performances and thanks to the guests The


In the next performance, invited to Sichuan opera face Master brought face and spray show. Sichuan opera face is the inheritance of Chinese culture, Sichuan opera mask, Sichuan opera performance art is an important part of the ancient Sichuan opera artists to create and inherited down the art treasures. Performing Master of the superb interpretation of the presence of all the audience to understand the value of art, but also to foreign guests on the Sichuan culture have a more profound understanding.


In the course of the performance, the Secretary-General of the Sichuan Provincial Association of Valve Industry, Ms. Sun Xiaoxia also came to an improvised singing a "yo she." She expresses the blessings of Kawamoto with wonderful songs.

Magic is a form of performance that now loves young people, presenting in the visual incredible things, so that people can see a variety of incredible phenomenon, the scene magic show guests use skills or expertise to convey the image of specific events, and then to entertain The purpose of the scene atmosphere, live performances of the human body suspension and human cutting, the atmosphere to the climax of the scene.


The show also specially invited to the CCTV gold 100 seconds champion plum scene to help out. Her performance is iron retriever, looking at her thin legs, raised the weight of two hundred jin, and with the legs with the guests on the bamboo pole flying dance. In the audience's strong request, she is more than 100 seconds to challenge the difficulty of gold: legs raised about 550 pounds of weight, so that the atmosphere reached the highest point.


The third part visits the factory

After the luncheon, to be a little rest, accompanied by the organization led by the company, the customer representatives visited the factory. Technology Minister Hu Qiang detailed my company's main product type, characteristics, technical focus, processing technology, so that customers more intuitive and clear understanding of product design and manufacturing process and quality control, and enhance the confidence of the product, while But also with customers to communicate their feedback on the use of information at the scene, for our products continue to improve the reference.

Subsequently, the company leadership to lead the customer representatives to one of the Sichuan Machinery Machinery subsidiary Kawada mechanical valve industry visit. Kawada Machinery General Manager Chen Xin details the entire casting process, process control, quality control and other key points, so that customers have a deeper understanding of silicon sol casting. Sichuan University in the visit to the physical and chemical room, the customer product testing of the material made a question, Chen Xin, general manager of patient and meticulous explanation, we have a more clear understanding of material analysis. It is with the Kentucky Machinery, the existence of the casting of the entity, the quality of Sichuan products and freight only have a guarantee.


Overall, the activities of the 15th anniversary celebration of Sichuan Machinery is very significant, in the transmission of Sichuan Machinery and corporate culture and human feelings at the same time, also show the image of Sichuan Machinery, style, access to the outside world and industry to further recognition And support, to promote the development of enterprises. The celebration of the external greatly enhance the visibility and reputation of Sichuan, which greatly enhance the Sichuan force of the family members of the cohesion and centripetal force, but also reflects the development of society for the community to make a certain contribution. Hope that the river never forget the original heart, in the constant challenge beyond the self.

Sichuan Jianyang Chuanli Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd

March 23, 2017