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I first selected the company Tianfu International Airport supporting products supplier recommended directory

source:     views:112     datetime:2017-03-31

March 30, "Chengdu Tianfu International Airport supporting product suppliers recommended directory (the first batch)" release, 140 airport project supporting product manufacturers selected, involving field equipment, software systems, strong and weak electrical equipment, infrastructure materials Field, a total of 7 major industries in 19 categories of more than 600 products.

The first batch of "directory" of enterprises and products, is in Sichuan Province Airport Construction Group, with the support of the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission through the public solicitation, voluntary reporting enterprises, at all levels by the letter recommended by the layers of the way The

Chuanli Machinery as the first batch of enterprises in Jianyang selected "directory" field equipment classification, and is the first selected "directory" the only one specializing in the production of low temperature valve business, we determined to provide the highest quality airport construction products and services for Hometown construction contribution to a force!